Corporate Strategy

A stunning banknote with a vibrant galaxy at its core

Business Lessons from the Universe’s First Second

Explore the parallels between the universe’s mysteries and business innovation. Unlock secrets of resilience and visionary thinking in this celestial journey...
9 min read

Why Managers Want to Become Leaders and Why They Largely Fail: One of ...

Everyone wants to be a leader these days, or, at least, a self-leader. “Leader” sounds majestic and ambitious. A “leader” is...
9 min read

How Startups Eat Enterprises – A contrast of philosophies

In the history of human progress, there are moments when our creativity reshapes the world as we know it. The advent...
8 min read
A flag of the European Community made of pills with a subtle overlay of European map with a bright and colorful background, digital art created with DALL-E

Innovating Life Sciences with Europe’s Pharmaceutical Strategy

Unlock the transformative power of Europe’s Pharmaceutical Strategy in life sciences, fostering innovation and resilience in supply chains. Dive deep into...
7 min read

When Blockchain Meets Fashion: Use Cases and Insights

In the heart of the fashion capital of Italy, during the Milano Fashion Week, a unique gathering took place. The web3xfashion...
7 min read
A robotic oracle with a blindfold surrounded by a halo generated with Leonardo AI by the author

The Blind Spot of Nostalgic Language Programmers in the Gen AI Era

Discover why Gen AI is more than just an upgrade — it’s a revolution in technology. Learn how to harness its untapped potential...
7 min read
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Digital Dynamics: How mRNA is Disrupting Life Science Supply Chains

Explore the transformative impact of mRNA technology on Life Science supply chains, from bioinformatics to modular manufacturing. Flexibility and Resilience The...
6 min read
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Generative AI is the Iceberg Software Vendors Didn’t See Coming

Generative AI is revolutionizing the tech landscape, but many software vendors are missing the boat. Learn why this is a critical...
5 min read
vibrant underwater coral made city landscape

The Hidden Currents into the Coral Reef of Supply Chains

Explore the intersection of supply chain management and SOX compliance. Uncover the role of spreadsheets and the potential of AI and...
11 min read
A drawing of a colorful, lively and dynamic pencil and watercolor of a hokey player striking on rebound

Score Big in Business: Applying Sports Strategy to Sales Management

Draw game-changing insights from the world of sports to reshape your sales strategy. Step up your game with a two-quarter, two-year...
4 min read 118
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Same and Flame: Redefining Productivity with Generative AI

Explore the transformative power of Generative AI and its potential to shape a future society where ‘doing different with the same’...
7 min read 156

Generative AI: Doing different with the same

How Generative AI is Changing the Tempo of Innovation and Our Relationship with Technology  Once upon a tech time, it was...
8 min read 156