Why are Blockchain technology and crypto changing mobile gaming?

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Blockchain gaming

For those of us who are gamers, surely you have started to see more ads for blockchain games, crypto games and so on.

Why is it growing and why does it have any impact on me? Let’s go through what has been happening, and what looks set to come in 2022 and 2023 for games and blockchain.

Blockchain Games

Very quickly, blockchain games are any game that has been made new using blockchain features, or, older games that have received blockchain updates and upgrades.

The features that are usually added include;

  • In-game ownership wallets
  • In-game exchange features
  • In-game currencies connected to crypto assets

The above 3 features allow for any game to give gamers ownership of their game assets and game items. For those of us who enjoy sporting games for example, this means that you would own the player cards, such as Messi, Nadal or Michael Jordon, and can buy and sell them to others in-game. 

Each item would be attached to your in-game wallet, and mean that you own and control it. When you play, or exchange, other players would use in-game currency linked to real money that can be traded in and outside of regular play. 

No longer do games mean money in, money gone. 

It’s money in, game play, and then the ability to switch back to real money again. 

Isn’t that cool?

IOS and Android Blockchain Games

To date since the emergence of crypto gaming in 2019, the largest changes have been seen within mobile games. Console and PC titles are yet to showcase a live blockchain feature for the masses, however EA Sports, Blizzard and other names are already investing in blockchain and what is to come. 

The largest and most successful games already capturing thousands of gamers include Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained and Splinterlands. 

As shared by Cointelegraph, in 2022, these games continue to grow and offer a new way to play.

Why should I care about blockchain in gaming?

Gaming has a few essential parts that make or break its success;

  • Is it fun 
  • Are the graphics good
  • Does it offer something new 
  • Is it receiving updates 
  • Does the game platform run events and give players strong game content to engage

Blockchain games on mobile, generally tick ⅗ of these essential parts. 

The missing two, could generally be seen as the most important;

  • They arent very fun 
  • The graphics arent good

New games are generally comparable to older titles from 5 years ago. The industry is growing but just like Sony and Microsoft, games start out with bad graphics and as users grow, the quality comes. 

The good comes from;

  • It offers a new form of gaming
  • Consistent updates
  • Many giveaways, events, community based

Crypto games consistently offer community based events, with large focuses on tournaments, challenges and new content to capture the market. 

Traditional gaming has been around long enough that Rockstar and EaSports know they have users, whereas crypto and blockchain is new, and they are going all out to make users long term players. 

Blockchain Games Overview

Graphics have a long way to go

Gameplay has a long way to go 


Community is strong, and the ability to play, spend and own items, feels like it should have been in major titles long ago. 

For those of us interested in trying the new generation of games, now is a good time due to the amount of support and incentives for new players. 

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