Why are Blockchain technology and crypto changing mobile gaming?

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Blockchain gaming

For those of us who are gamers, surely you have started to see more ads for blockchain games, crypto games and so on. Why is it growing and why does it have any impact on me? Let’s go through what has been happening, and what looks set to come in 2022 and 2023 for games and blockchain. Blockchain Games Very quickly, blockchain games are any game that has been made new using blockchain features, or, older games that have received blockchain updates and upgrades. The features that are usually added include; In-game ownership walletsIn-game exchange featuresIn-game currencies connected to crypto…...

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geoffrey gardiner Geoffrey has over 5 years of Digital Marketing experience in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency creating brands and advertising for crypto exchanges, digital wallets, NFT Games and Decentralised app projects in the DLT space. Current CMO of Idle Mystic