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Neurobiology Reviews: Does the Brain Have Prediction-Error Neurons? NO

There is a recent paper in JNeurosci, Stimulus-specific prediction error neurons in mouse auditory cortex, where the authors stated that ‘Our data reveal that...
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Sentience, LLMs: Does the Brain Refute Panpsychism’s Consciousness?

There is a recent piece in Scientific American, Is Consciousness Part of the Fabric of the Universe?, reporting that, “Scholars recently gathered to debate...
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Neuroscience: Theory of Impulses, for Objective Pathology, in Mental Disorder

There is an article in The New York Review of Books, The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?, where the author stated that, “the brain...
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Robotics, LLMs: Exploring Consciousness, Sentience for AI Chatbots, Bionics

There is a recent article in Scientific American, What Does It ‘Feel’ Like to Be a Chatbot?, stating that, “Consciousness, on the other hand,...
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Connectome: How is Information Organized in The Brain? | Hippocampal-Cortical Memory

There is a recent paper in Nature Neuroscience, Organizing memories for generalization in complementary learning systems, stating that, “Classical views of systems consolidation, such...
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Memory of Exercise, Loneliness and Consciousness | Neuroscience

There is a memory function of what becomes known as feeling weak from too much rest. In that state, there could be the need...
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