Ashok Sharma

  Ashok Sharma is the Digital Strategist with more than a decade of experience in data and technology fields, and he helped businesses gain more traffic and online visibility through technical, strategic SEO and targeted PPC campaigns. Connect him on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter for a quick chat. Follow Ashok at Twitter, LinkedIn


5 Stories by Ashok Sharma

Integrating Data Analytics Into HR Is the Future of this Department

As businesses push further toward total optimization, companies are rapidly turning to the power of data, using it to increase efficiency in everything from...
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How Smart Investors Use Alternative Intelligence Data to Discover Opportunities

Investors these days need all the edges they can get. Information is widely available, and there is no shortage of smart competitors ready to...
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Top 8 Tips for Preventing Data Breaches

Personal data is one of the world’s most significant resources, and its collection depicts no signs of slowing down. Providing personal information, even an...
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How Online Payment Gateway System Is Future Of Finance

The financial services landscape has undergone a huge transformation in recent years; and, ‘payments’ is one such area that has seen accelerated growth. With...
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Podcasting: A New Secret Sauce To Your Marketing Buffet

Is podcasting really creating its space in the digital marketing Legoland.? In a broader sense, it is a YES. Since ages, political leaders, journalists,...
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