AI: Future Health’s Lubricant

Skin cancer and virtual shrinks. Depression and Instagram. Where would we be without AI? Skin cancer is one of the most...
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Conversation Designing

What Indian Traffic has in Common with Conversation Designing

Indians and traffic jams have a close relationship with each other. To Indians on a busy street, traffic feels like a...
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Legal Technology

Legal Technology in the Age of Blockchain

Emerging technologies have been transforming entire industries recently. Even traditionally technophobic sectors like the legal system are being upended as well....
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Healthcare, Personalized Care And Us: How Are We Doing?

The concept of value in healthcare is really complicated with so many stakeholders associated with it. Do the political and 3rd...
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The Art of Making Tech Talk

“Hey Siri.” Seeing as Siri is active on more than half a billion devices, you have likely spoken this phrase today....
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digital transformation

Digital Singularity: The Digital Transformation Guide for C-level Exec...

If you are a C-level executive, how do you steer your organization through a voyage of digital transformation? If you are...
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Artificial Superintelligence

Should We Fear Artificial Superintelligence? A Response

February 23, 2019 John Loeffler posted an interesting article on The post is called “Should We Fear Artificial Superintelligence?”, and...
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Watch Out for the 9 Most Popular AI Jobs in 2020

If you are ready to learn, retrain, reskill and upscale then AI is a field with tremendous opportunities for you. However,...
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music industry

Can Blockchain Save the Music Industry?

The music industry is constantly changing. From records to cassettes to CDs to streaming, how people consume music is ever-evolving. One...
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Marketers Rush to Rise on the AI Tide

Artificial intelligence is the wave of today and tomorrow, and content marketers are struggling not be left in its wake. Among...
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A New Era of Lending: Blockchain Based Loans

Current Issue Without a history of credit, it is nearly impossible to receive a loan from traditional financial institutions. Banks typically...
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What Does a Data Scientist Do?

Big Data era has generated new types of professions. These new professions are related to data and their approach to data....
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