Privacy vs. Alpha: A Conversation

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You are the CEO of a well-known asset management company and are sitting in a meeting with a new data vendor, your new portfolio manager (PM) who is an expert in alternative data, and your compliance officer. The Data Pitch The data vendor has data showing exactly what each public company’s CEO and all their workers ordered for lunch every day since Jan 1st, 2011, and he shares a case study where, using the patterns in the food data, their proprietary signal successfully predicted an impending merger of company X that had been shopping for strategic partners, with conglomerate Y…....

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Apurv Jain Hi everyone! I am trained as a researcher and am a portfolio manager (PM) by profession. I enjoy combining domain expertise, new alternative data sources, and leveraging machine learning(ML)/artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to better map and predict the world macroeconomy. Most recently I was a visiting researcher at Harvard Business School (HBS) where I published a book chapter on macro prediction. Before HBS, I co-founded and acted as the PM and research lead of a 10-person team at MSFT managing $100 mm, profitably deploying behavioral overlay and asset allocation strategies for 4 years. We had fun collaborating with central banks and asset managers. My prior experience includes roles as portfolio manager for a $3B bond portfolio, a senior researcher at Bridgewater Associates, and exotic options research and trading at Deutsche Bank. Open to data vendors who want advice as well as potential co-authors for my upcoming book on macroeconomics using alternative data (Elsevier). Or we can just chat about mixed martial arts (MMA)!
Neil Seeman Neil Seeman is Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Privacy Officer at RIWI Corp. (CSE: RIW), a global trend-tracking and prediction technology firm, and Senior Fellow at Massey College in the University of Toronto.