How does a Machine Learn?

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Machine Learning

This article is for tech enthusiasts’ who are always inquisitive. I will give an introduction on Machine Learning, starting with a brief introduction about the concept of Machine Learning and then dive into how exactly machine ‘learns’ from the data given and produce the desired results. I have chosen Linear Regression model for demonstration purposes because a lot of people have used it in their day-to-day analysis. I will keep the mathematics as simple as possible so that it can be comprehended by a wider audience. What is Machine Learning? As the name suggests, Machine Learning is a concept where…...

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Ashu Agrawal I am an engineer from IIT Bombay, India. I have been developing Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning capabilities in an IT firm. I am also inclined towards finance, for which I am pursuing CFA as a career option. My hobbies include playing Guitar, Piano and Table Tennis. I have recently started articulating my understandings in these domains through blogs.