6 must-have SKILLS that turn a Product Manager from Good to Great

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Product Management

Why does Product Management function exists? Organizations are driven by 2 entities, One which is focussing on DEFINING THE GOAL The functions involved in Defining the goals are “Customer facing”. They are also on the ground listening to customer’s needs and concerns. Typically Sales and business development teams are involved in bringing the customers in the organizations. Then there are subject matter experts, the executive leaders who are building the relation with customers and offering them the products and solutions. While other entities like Finance, Legal and Compliance take care of the budgeting, P&L, Clarifying the regional and global government rules…....

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Sourabh Pandey I am an Agile product management professional with overall 14+ years of experience in startups to mid-sized to Large scale industries. I provide training and coaching to individuals, working professionals, executives and Companies on Agile, Lean and Scrum product management.