Valentin Vasilevskiy Valentin Vasilevskiy is a co-founder and CEO of the Business Booster. It's an accelerator for small and medium-sized businesses. The accelerator's residents are companies from 57 countries, with programs in 4 languages (English, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian). Since 2012, he has been an entrepreneur in the field of online education. His areas of expertise include digital marketing, remote teams management, growth hacking, and democratic management. His interests lie in AI, SaaS, business scaling, M&A, and VC.


5 Stories by Valentin Vasilevskiy

What the Instrumental Level of Marketing Includes

Marketing is a multifaceted process that operates on three main levels: semantic, communication, and instrumental. This model helps structure the marketing strategy and effectively...
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How to Determine What Market Needs

Understanding market needs enables companies to develop products and services that are in demand among the target audience, optimize marketing strategies for better results,...
3 min read 309

Can Leaders Lose Their Jobs Due to AI Development?

Revolutionary advances in artificial intelligence have significantly transformed many aspects of daily life and the workflow: from automating routine tasks to developing complex algorithms...
4 min read 208

Virtual Employees and AI-based Robots: Trends Affecting Business in 2023-2024

In 2023, the most significant IT trend became AI and neural networks, specifically a particular type of these neural networks—Large Language Models (LLMs), which...
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The Power of Environment: How to Create a Supportive Atmosphere for Success

In this article, I will discuss how to create a supportive environment for success. Interestingly, there’s a catch in this topic. Without knowing it,...
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