Can Leaders Lose Their Jobs Due to AI Development?

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Revolutionary advances in artificial intelligence have significantly transformed many aspects of daily life and the workflow: from automating routine tasks to developing complex algorithms capable of making decisions based on a vast amount of data. These changes have not only provided new opportunities but have also sparked a wave of concern about the future of jobs. The question of how technological progress affects the labor market is not new. However, with the development of AI, debates have become more intense, as automation begins to affect professions traditionally considered exclusively human. We are on the threshold of an era where AI…...

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Valentin Vasilevskiy Valentin Vasilevskiy is a co-founder and CEO of the Business Booster. It's an accelerator for small and medium-sized businesses. The accelerator's residents are companies from 57 countries, with programs in 4 languages (English, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian). Since 2012, he has been an entrepreneur in the field of online education. His areas of expertise include digital marketing, remote teams management, growth hacking, and democratic management. His interests lie in AI, SaaS, business scaling, M&A, and VC.