The Dichotomy With AI for Climate Change

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Image Source: iStock. Nature and technology abstract concept, robot hand and natural hand covered with grass reaching to each other stock photo

UN Secretary-General António Guterres We need a race to develop AI for good:  to develop AI that… supercharge climate action [ and ] an AI that propels us towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Today, the climate crisis is so dire that a rush to find any solution that “supercharges” climate action is inevitable. The latest hysteria of artificial intelligence has propelled it as the go-to tech for solving all the world problems, including climate change. Though AI could transmogrify as a potent solution for all climate problems, one should not discount its environmental costs. To address this dichotomy, a balance,…...

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Deepa Ramachandra I am a technology enthusiast, passionate about exploring ways of using tech for social good. I started by writing on Enterprise Blockchain and the Social Impact of Blockchain and Digital Currencies. Now, I pen articles on the blockchain, AI, and analytics solutions for various environmental issues - climate change and biodiversity loss.