What’s New & Interesting in Crypto Trading?

The Cryptoverse is evolving at a breathtaking pace – not a single day goes by without you finding something new, interesting...
Faisal Khan
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DDI – Medium Top Stories June, 2019

Best Medium Stories of June in Tech, Finance, and Entrepreneurship 1. 4 Charts showing ‘Big Money’ accumulation in Bitcoin 2. How...
Sophia Turing
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15 Biggest Data breaches since 2003 & how can you protect yourself

With more than 4 billion having internet access & using it on a daily basis, the security of your personal data...
Faisal Khan
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Ronaldo Versus Ai-Robots Or Will Data Brokers Make Them One?

It is safe to say that not in one hundred years will robots outperform future Ronaldos on the football fields. Not...
Carl Rohde
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Best Resources to Learn Machine Learning and Apply It to Finance: Books, Courses, and YouTube (2019)

In today’s technologically advanced world, we’re starting to turn to the machines we create to aid us. The algorithms designed by...
Denis Kryukov
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Crypto Diaries: Innovations & Improvements continue to drive the Cryptoverse forward

The recent parabolic rise in Bitcoin followed by handsome gains in other Cryptos has reinforced the underlying volatility theme in the...
Faisal Khan
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Ethereum Updates: Upcoming forks, Daily transactions & Interoperability

There has been so much noise around the recent rise in Cryptos led primarily by Bitcoin that Alt. coins went into...
Faisal Khan
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Tech Diaries: How would you feel being interviewed for a Job by a Robot?

Let’s start off with a little recap of the main theme of the last edition of Tech Diaries – the Deepfakes....
Faisal Khan
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Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Will Challenge The Global Financial Establishment

The news about Facebook’s cryptocurrency called the Libra coin is generating a lot of buzz. The stories are mixed, with some...
Vincent Tabora
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What is “Bitcoin halving” & its potential of powering an extended bull run into 2020-21?

Bitcoin halving sounds like a complex phenomenon at first reading, but it simply a process of reducing the mining rewards to...
Faisal Khan
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The Age of Transcendence

Hollywood movies have always been good at providing a glimpse into the future – be it space travel, advanced scientific discoveries...
Faisal Khan
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Bitcoin is acting as the New hedge against the Global Liquidity Risk

What a relentless recovery has the Crypto kingpin Bitcoin staged in the past 10 weeks or so as it finally broke...
Faisal Khan
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