3 Real Scary Technologies In Star Trek Discovery

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In 2017, Star Trek made an aggressive trek back onto the screen with the release of Star Trek: Discovery. The show orbits around the misadventures of the tragic hero Michael Burnham. Her actions lead to disgrace and war. In the first season, the Discovery is led by Captain Lorca. Burnham was previously convicted of mutiny during the Battle at the Binary Stars when she defied her captain in an misguided attempt to avoid a war. The fray destroyed the USS Shenzhou along with its captain. Burnham is rescued by the Discovery en route to prison. Later it is through impeccable…...

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Dave Rauschenfels I began my career in manufacturing as a tech analyzing the origin of production problems. Then after ten years I realized that I was only investigating part of the problem. Today I am a freelance research analyst and ghostwriter for consulting companies. My work has also been published in Curious Droid and DisrupterDaily.