The Difficult Job of Making Decisions

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Multidirectional Sign, reflecting decision making

How many important decisions did you make lately? Difficult, isn’t it? Most of us would likely underestimate this number; It mainly depends on what the term “important” evokes to you. Generally speaking, an important decision lead to a significant change like a change of career, a change of house, a change of lifestyle. Every day is filled with decisions made voluntarily and involuntarily. Even a simple change of direction when driving requires decision-making. As simple as decisions can be, it is a complex process. Several factors such as emotions, past experience, current situation, and visionary ideas enter into consideration. How…...

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Julien Dimastromatteo Scientist, entrepreneur, and writer. Former research instructor at the University of Virginia, Julien developed molecular imaging agents in cardiology, pulmonology, and oncology. He also generated monoclonal antibodies as a novel cancer therapy. Julien has a strong background in molecular imaging and drug discovery. He is passionate about science, health, medicine, and technology. You can find more info about Julien on LinkedIn.