The Coronavirus outbreak could be the straw that broke the camels back

Lockdown has led to pockets of protests across America. Armed protestors went as far as gathering in Michigan’s state capital demanding an end to lockdown measures. The protestors argue lockdown is a violation of their civil rights, but the protests symbolise something far more pernicious than a civil rights violation. They are a symbol of a broken society on the brink of collapse.
Lockdown has had a debilitating impact on the US economy. 36 million people have now filed for unemployment in the last two months, levels unseen since the Great Depression in the 1930s. America isn’t isolated in feeling the economic wrath of the Coronavirus. The Bank of England estimates unemployment could double in the UK, and the economy could shrink by 14%. Globally, we’re entering a period of economic volatility.

Let’s Make America Great Again

Ronald Reagan’s landslide victory in the 1980 presidential campaign was built on the slogan ‘Let’s Make America Great Again’. His presidency has since changed the face of America.

Ronald Reagan’s 1980 Presidential campaign slogan: ‘Let’s Make America Great Again’

The American nightmare

Another effect of Reaganomics was the idea of the power of the individual over society. Less government gives people more freedom and ability to control their lives and make their fortune. Reagan was upholding the values of the American Dream, a dream at the centre of the American psyche.

The Corporatocracy

America has become a Corporatocracy, where decisions are centred around corporate interests. Embedded in this structure are greed and the self-interests of a minority.

The brink of collapse

With a disillusioned electorate, rampant inequality and a government corrupted by corporate influence America is a system teetering on the edge. Donald Trump is a symbol of the complete takeover of American politics by corporations. His campaign to ‘Make America Great Again’ is Reaganomics on steroids.


  1. Think it is past time to give up on the idea of democracy in America and on America itself. The only solution that will be of benefit will be to carve up the country into regional blocks serving the interests of a variety of polarized factions which have irreconcilable differences.

    • It does look like the idea of the United States of America is starting to rip away at the seams. And yes, it’s not hard to imagine the states breaking up into regional factions.


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