Sorry, Greedy Rich Guys

We Need to Raise Your Taxes in Order to Tackle Inflation Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest and second...
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Why We Invested In Hank – Aging With Health And Vitality

Excited to announce our investment alongside General Catalyst, Resolute, Canaan and The Fund in the $7M seed of Hank, which helps...
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Why We Invested in Resilient Lifescience — Preventing Opioid Ove...

Excited to announce our investment in Resilient Lifescience, which is taking on the opioid epidemic by developing a wearable system to...
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How Blockchain is Being Embraced in COVID-Era NYC

The past two years have given way to significant changes in information technology and the way New Yorkers trade information, but...
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Modern Slavery at Sea Thrives in Southeast Asia

The fishing industry provides around sixty million people around the world with employment. Regrettably, the majority of them operate in developing...
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The Great Lie

American culture defines narcissism. It is a mix of libertarianism and selfishness exhibiting an extreme indifference toward others. Of course, we...
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White Supremist Fascination with The Camp of the Saints

Nothing exposes our racism and bigotry better than the history of a seedy racist diatribe by obscure French writer Jean Raspail....
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Living in Denial with Indifference to Others

Using vaccines to prevent disease is not new, and neither is opposition and fear to being vaccinated. Republicans decided to use...
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American Addiction to Violence

Americans claim to be appalled by mass shootings. We talk about it, that’s all. But while gun deaths rise and media...
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The Great Crumbling

Our civilization is crumbling, but our response is indifference. We pretend nothing has changed and life can go on as it...
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We Believe the Slaughter of Innocents Is Just

We believe the slaughter of innocents is just. We watch as people is stripped of their human rights and dignity, subjected...
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Why We Invested In HeyRenee - Personal Health Assistant

Excited to announce our investment alongside Quiet Capital, Mucker Capital, Fika Ventures, Global Founders Capital, SaaS Ventures and Founders First in...
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