How Do We Regulate a Technology That Can Both Put an End to Mass Shootings and Make Them More Deadly?

As the technology behind artificial intelligence continues to advance and expand into more markets and applications, the ethical ramifications behind this...
Haven Miller
9 min read 325

Using Mobile to Help Eradicate Child Labor on Ivorian Cocoa Farms

West African farmers use child labor to cost-effectively scale production of the cocoa used by chocolate companies to make chocolates. Out...
Hardik Mittal
5 min read 440

Gun Violence or Pandemonium Beyond Political Rhetoric

Gun violence is one of the many fluttering buzzwords of our stylish media. The use of the word expands across political...
Adam Tabriz, MD
12 min read 201

AI is Fueling the Wildfire of Misinformation

Misinformation has taken the world by storm, as it’s all around us. It’s in the form of posts filled with fake...
Ramandeep Saini
3 min read 297

The Next Great Recession Is Near and Here’s Why

There are many reasons to feel confident about our economic future in the US as of late. And why shouldn’t we...
Fred Romero
12 min read

Primary care medicine: A clinical specialty, or managed care travesty

Medical practice is “the strenuous task of healing humans as a lone body within the context of its inexhaustible scope of...
Adam Tabriz, MD
11 min read 180

Nordic social program to welfare state capitalism

Two resorts distant from free-market capitalism The society or the world at large is the quintessence of every human being. As...
Adam Tabriz, MD
10 min read 275

Subsidies and Crony Capitalism

Large corporations play a game with local and state governments for big dollars, but only one side puts up any money....
Tom Campenni
3 min read

Alma-Ata Declaration of ’Health for all’: A generation old quest with trivial conquest

Health is the most precious asset of every human being, as we all endure the right to live in a full...
Adam Tabriz, MD
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Medical team conducting annual medical examinations of Marshallese people who were exposed to radioactive fallout from an atmospheric nuclear weapons test in 1954.

Barefoot Doctors (赤脚医生), and their impact on launching chronological evolution of primary care medicine

Medicine is the science of healing and beyond. It’s merely about conveying the comprehensive state of bodily, emotional, psychological, and social...
Adam Tabriz, MD
7 min read 386

Transformers- A Metaphorical Analysis of the Modern-day Corporatism

Corporation and humanity are as different as apples and oranges, as the former is a thing with distinct and independent existence,...
Adam Tabriz, MD
6 min read 334

We Need to Stop Confusing Social Programs with Socialism

The United States has always had a problem with accepting a true capitalistic, market-driven economy. Americans love to sing the praises...
Tom Campenni
3 min read