How AI is Creating Millions of Remote Jobs Around the World

2 min read

As artificial intelligence and robotics systems advance, people worry that more and more jobs will become automated.  When people talk about artificial intelligence and the job market, they often talk about how AI will take jobs from human workers. Is this a legitimate worry? Of course it is.  However, at the same time there are ways that AI is creating jobs on a large scale.  AI is doing more than creating thousands of remote jobs around the world. Numerous AI companies are even finding ways to employ people in lesser-developed countries to create a positive social impact, while turning a…...

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Limarc Ambalina Limarc is a Canada-born writer specializing in AI, tech, video games, and pop culture. He currently works as a content writer for an AI company in Tokyo, and dabbles in software testing and QA on the weekends. He has been published on various high-profile websites such as Towards Data Science, Hacker Noon, Becoming Human, and of course, Data Driven Investor. Outside of work, he spends most of his time reviewing game titles, writing guides, getting lost in virtual reality, and exploring Japan.