Surviving In A Digital Age of Instability

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Updates, deprecation, something new comes out… Literally every month… If you are a computer scientist you might have noticed that new frameworks are constantly popping up. Programming languages just keep showing up and old ones that can’t keep up are becoming deprecated. The Beauties For experienced programmers, it is a normal part of everyday life. New technologies like to be promoted as things of the future, it is beautiful they said, it will help us they said, it is the hottest framework today they said… It is like these technologies have a cult following. The Frontend Beauties In the last year,…...

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Agustinus Theodorus Agustinus currently works as an IT Architecture and Web Services Staff at Bina Nusantara IT Division. Handles crucial API for the company's core data process. His hobbies include reading, writing, and coding (obviously!). His interests include automation, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. Though he isn't a tech-specific writer, you can read more about Agustinus and his works on his blog.