On Robot Rights: Can Robots Be Enslaved?

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Are people allowed to treat their robots anyhow they like? Can a person be “violent” to their robot? Should a robot be able to join a labour union? Can robots be subject of enslavement? The utilization of robots cuts across almost all segments of society. Many robots are created to interact closely with humans and do tasks that are sometimes very personal to us. Robots have become a new class of social actors, initiating the concept of “machine behavior.” With many people anthropomorphizing robots in different ways, there is little or no definite stance on the kinds of rights that…...

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Jake Effoduh Jake Okechukwu Effoduh is an international lawyer and partner at Praxis & Gnosis Law, Nigeria. He is a 2019 Vanier Scholar, holding one of Canada’s most prestigious academic awards. He conducts research and works in the field of artificial intelligence law and human rights in Africa.