Tom Campenni

  Before Retiring Tom Campenni was a R.E. Broker and owner of a real estate consultancy in NYC for almost 50 years. He was a City Commissioner and Mayor in Stuart Florida. He now writes a blog, Martin County Moment, a newsletter, Friends & Neighbors in Martin County, and articles on government and finance.


3 Stories by Tom Campenni

Subsidies and Crony Capitalism

Large corporations play a game with local and state governments for big dollars, but only one side puts up any money. Corporations try to...
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Socialism will Only Make Income Inequality Worse

A few weeks ago, the New York Times ran an article regarding the implementation of a “Wealth Tax.” Both Sanders and Warren are fans...
4 min read

We Need to Stop Confusing Social Programs with Socialism

The United States has always had a problem with accepting a true capitalistic, market-driven economy. Americans love to sing the praises of free markets...
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