The Great Lie

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American culture defines narcissism. It is a mix of libertarianism and selfishness exhibiting an extreme indifference toward others. Of course, we are far more complex. The point is that these things represent the dominant cultural value of this 21st century moment. I take no joy in what I am about to write about. I feel profound sadness combined with a recognition of the reality we all seek to run from. Some will agree, and others will protest vigorously or simply ignore. It does not matter. My purpose is to raise awareness and hopefully cause some to think. My hope is…...

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Jerry Lawson Writer/ghostwriter/essayist (, freelance journalist and artist. As a historian and biographer, Jerry operates a business focused on writing memoirs, biographies, and personal histories for private clients. Jerry was adjunct professor teaching history and government at several universities and worked as a reporter, editor, and managing editor of a newspaper. He acquired other experience working in industry, business, and banking. A recognized artist creating mosaics using hardwood scraps and pieces that are other’s trash. I live to write, create and make things using whatever medium is available. I am an explorer. I investigate, follow, and ponder whatever opportunities and issues life presents. I am curious about all things by nature and my interests and my writings and art are as varied as my experiences.