Erika Da Costa

  Hi, I'm Erika! My passion for writing has led me to cover topics relating to environmentalism and social sustainability, e.g. the impact of IoT and AI in Protecting Biodiversity, Sustainable Tourism and Healthcare.


5 Stories by Erika Da Costa

Reimagining New Year’s Resolutions

For many of us, this time of year presents an opportunity to reflect on New Year’s resolutions. Ultimately, it’s a make it or break...
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The Reckoning of Orchestra Representation: A Vision for Blind Auditions

For many of us, ‘The Voice’ was our first introduction to blind auditions. After years of watching American Idol and The X Factor, the...
4 min read 408

The 4 E’s that will Shape a Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism Economy at the Grand Canyon

A Diné woman in a traditional dress, on the rim of Grand Canyon. NPS/M. Quinn This month we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, let’s recognise...
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Intersectionality Is The Future of ESG: Empowering Sustainable Generations

More than two years later, the markets continue to show that the most successful businesses that have addressed the challenges of the pandemic are...
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How Covid Changed the Nature of ESG: A Coming-of-Age Story

Credit: Eva Bee Illustrations In a year that highlighted economic disparities, unequal healthcare access, and the continued impacts of systemic racism, 2020 would be...
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