The 4 E’s that will Shape a Sustainable and Inclusive Tourism Economy at the Grand Canyon

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A Diné woman in a traditional dress, on the rim of Grand Canyon. NPS/M. Quinn This month we celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day, let’s recognise how America’s most beloved natural attraction can redefine relationships with those for whom it is home As a child, I read about the Grand Canyon, admired pictures in National Geographic, and listened intently to family members reveal just how awe-inspiring it is in person. Yet, when I was lucky enough to travel to Arizona at 14, it was in fact the initial silence I heard when approaching the edge of the South Rim that truly made…...

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Erika Da Costa Hi, I'm Erika! My passion for writing has led me to cover topics relating to environmentalism and social sustainability, e.g. the impact of IoT and AI in Protecting Biodiversity, Sustainable Tourism and Healthcare.