Intersectionality Is The Future of ESG: Empowering Sustainable Generations

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More than two years later, the markets continue to show that the most successful businesses that have addressed the challenges of the pandemic are ones that have ESG practices woven into their very fabric.  So, why are companies still struggling to create meaningful structural change? As we continue into 2022, ESG related funds are breaking records and aren’t showing any indication of slowing down.  However, the onset of Covid-19 has not only amplified existing challenges but also created an entirely new set of complex pressures that are being felt across all sectors. Companies now face the challenge of balancing various stakeholder interests…...

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Erika Da Costa Hi, I'm Erika! My passion for writing has led me to cover topics relating to environmentalism and social sustainability, e.g. the impact of IoT and AI in Protecting Biodiversity, Sustainable Tourism and Healthcare.