It is Not Enough to Say that Countries Must Become Sustainable…

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…We Need to Make It Happen as Well It is easy to say that governments and companies need to invest more make countries sustainable, but this is not enough. In addition to saying it we need to make it happen. This is slightly more challenging, because it involves a number of steps that so far have not been described in detail. Turning countries sustainable means that decision makers, administrators, and people in general need to agree on what needs to be done. Complex Changes Do Not Just Happen The transformation to a sustainable future is a complex transformation and it…...

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Mats Larsson Mats is a business and sustainability consultant with 30+ years' experience. In the past 15 years he has written extensively about the large-scale transformations to electromobility and a circular economy that are in their early phases, but also worked with business development in many other high-tech and sustainability areas. He is an experienced project and change manager, has developed strategies for companies in a wide range of industries, and likes to tackle subjects of importance for the development of society. He was one of the first to write a book about e-business strategy, "The Transparent Market," written with David Lundberg and published in 1998.