How Covid Changed the Nature of ESG: A Coming-of-Age Story

5 min read

Credit: Eva Bee Illustrations In a year that highlighted economic disparities, unequal healthcare access, and the continued impacts of systemic racism, 2020 would be a catalyst for the ESG movement Almost 20 years ago, the United Nations Environmental Programme Initiative established the term ESG in the 2004 UN Global Compact’s report entitled Who Cares Wins. The report conveyed the idea that immersing environmental, social and governance factors in capital markets makes good business sense, results in more sustainable markets and ultimately, better outcomes for societies. Despite this being the first time the term had ever been used, it did not mark the…...

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Erika Da Costa Hi, I'm Erika! My passion for writing has led me to cover topics relating to environmentalism and social sustainability, e.g. the impact of IoT and AI in Protecting Biodiversity, Sustainable Tourism and Healthcare.