Reimagining New Year’s Resolutions

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For many of us, this time of year presents an opportunity to reflect on New Year’s resolutions. Ultimately, it’s a make it or break it moment and studies show that for the majority of people, it’s the latter. With Veganuary exceeding expectations, perhaps the plant-based revolution can teach us how to reimagine our resolutions and re-envision the goals we want to achieve. The new year represents an opportunity for renewal – a time to recommit to established goals, pursue new ones, and build momentum for the year ahead. Invigorated by the prospect of “New Year, New Me”, we say to ourselves, “This year,…...

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Erika Da Costa Hi, I'm Erika! My passion for writing has led me to cover topics relating to environmentalism and social sustainability, e.g. the impact of IoT and AI in Protecting Biodiversity, Sustainable Tourism and Healthcare.