Why ChatGPT is so ‘Revolutionary’: Convenience

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2022 was a big year for consumer-use generative AI with software like Lensa and Midjourney capturing the public’s attention. The year closed off with the release of Open AIs own ChatGPT, a generative chatbot which — in some ways — acts like a focused Google Search. While some media and tech influencers have been pushing the narrative that ChatGPT is an existential threat to Google search, this isn’t the first time in the 2020s that Google’s competitive MOAT has been called into question. Tiktok filled US headlines in late 2022 (like this one) as a potential death-knell for Google Search, at least…...

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Mohammed Siddiqui Studied Business and International Relations at Carnegie Mellon. Interested in geopolitics, political economy, technological innovation, markets, international development, and consumer trends. I enjoy investing, working out, and drinking Raspberry Hot Chocolate.