Squid Games, Gamification, and Destruction of Social Foundations

So I finally had time to watch the squid games. I don’t like binging (it’s a bit of time waste), but...
blank Shachar Oz
4 min read

Horrible Mistake I Made by Emotional Investing

I broke the rule and ended up with financial losses. I started investing in 2017 and then I learned about this...
blank Listy Jumar
4 min read 183

Cognitive Biases? What Are They And 6 Practical Ways For Startups To Avoid Them

Much has been written about cognitive biases — below is a particularly good diagram by Jeff Desjardins summarizing some of the...
blank Amit Garg
2 min read

A World of Tradeoffs: Consider your Opportunity Costs

I didn’t expect to remember much from the Economics courses I took in university when I started my first job in...
Mohammed Siddiqui
2 min read

How “Imposter Syndrome” is killing your innovation and how to fight it

As persons, professionals, and organisations we fear impostor syndrome too much. Both towards others and ourselves. We live in a world...
Kasper Linde Krogager
4 min read 175

Technology Addiction — Is it real?

The notification bell rings. You get the urge to check it. You took your phone and checked it. “Wow…One more like...
blank Shafi Sahal
3 min read 280

Robots and the Revolutionary Loneliness Solution

The lack of human interaction may find the solution in a robotics laboratory. “Friendship needs no words — it is solitude delivered from...
blank Patricia Farrell
2 min read

Why Most People Lose Money Day-Trading (And How to Not Be One of Them)

Day-trading is hard, and most people lose money at it. I definitely have. In fact, I once lost more money in...
blank Tim Garlick
7 min read

Body Language Decoded — Does This Really Work?

Have you seen those crazy videos? The ones that decode people’s body language while they are being interviewed. The experts call...
blank Robert Locke
3 min read 260

Collective Consciousness- An Innate Retort

Every individual is born with a particular realm of consciousness and beliefs. Even though within a given society, we may all...
blank Adam Tabriz, MD
6 min read 305

How not to be dumb money

Why believe a title that says I’d know how to tell dumb from smart money? Because I’ve been both and learned...
blank Lester Golden
6 min read 559

Facts Denialism – The human ability to dismiss facts and truth that hurts

As human beings, we tend to dismiss facts that obstruct our underpinnings. We keep finding innovative ways to conceal how we...
shivangi agrawal
2 min read 374