Evan Juarez

  Evan Juarez is a student at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University, where he studies finance and politics. He writes about exciting times in financial and economic history, which he believes must be comprehensively understood to analyze the present.


4 Stories by Evan Juarez

Three-Generation Mortgages? The Japanese Financial Crisis

Before ‘China-Bashing,’ there was ‘Japan-Bashing.’ In the early 1980s, Japan’s economic rise spurred fear and criticism from elected officials and everyday Americans alike. Federal...
5 min read 375

Buy the Dip — The Dutch Tulip Bubble

How did a tulip bulb sell for over $1 million, in today’s money, back in 1630s Holland? During the fall and winter of 1636,...
3 min read 210

A New Type of Financial Crisis–The Destabilizing Effects of Floating Exchange Rates

Over 28 years, four international financial crises occurred: the Latin American, the Japanese, the East Asian, and the Global Financial Crisis. With a crisis...
5 min read 168

From Fixed to Floating–The Fall of the Bretton Woods System

On every dollar, the US government used to print “Redeemable in gold on demand from the US Treasury,” a statement of confidence that the...
4 min read 320