Could AI Influence Religion and Spawn New Movements?

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Could artificial intelligence (AI) programs such as ChatGPT potentially inspire sacred texts and shape new religious movements? Could humans develop romantic feelings for machines while the machines themselves become a source of wisdom and laws akin to those depicted in science fiction films? With the ongoing advancements in AI language models, could machines indeed pave the way for new cults? AI tools have refined their capacity to carry out convincing discussions, write news and scientific articles, and even offer hairstyling tips. It is, therefore, unsurprising to speculate that they could replace humans in many roles. AI: A New Spiritual Guide?…...

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Abnoan Muniz e Silva With a decade of experience in software development, I hold the position of Senior Backend Engineer, specializing in a tech stack of .NET, C#, SQL Server, and AWS services like Lambda, SQS, SNS, API Gateway, and DynamoDB, complemented by proficiency in Redis and RabbitMQ. As a Brazilian native, I revel in problem-solving, beach outings, socializing with friends, and car trips while maintaining a mindset centered around Dedication, Adaptability, Ownership, and Leadership. Single and passionate about life, I discovered a love for writing two years ago, a pursuit I have embraced relentlessly since. Balancing technical understanding with a zest for life and written expression, I blend analytical prowess with creative energy.