Technology Addiction — Is it real?

3 min read

The notification bell rings. You get the urge to check it. You took your phone and checked it. “Wow…One more like for my pic” or no bell and “Why my pic don’t get likes?”. Just after watching a YouTube video, you are shown another video with similar interest. You feel the urge to watch it. Completed a difficult level in a video game. You got a sense of achievement. You feel like a winner. You want to achieve more and so play more. But you failed, so you tried even harder for more hours. Scenarios like these are common nowadays…....

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Shafi Sahal A software developer working at a startup in the fintech domain. As a technology enthusiast I am concerned about the ways in which technology can be used to help people and as a human being I am concerned about promoting rational, critical and liberal or free thought.