Why Most People Lose Money Day-Trading (And How to Not Be One of Them)

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Heikin Ashi Chart (Top), Chaikin Oscillator (3, 10) (Bottom)
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Entered Short at 19.64
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Hypothetical Missed Trades

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Another Beautiful Missed Hypothetical Trade

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Tim Garlick Tim Garlick has been investing and trading stocks and options for over 25 years. In his professional life he worked in the technology industry, specializing in security, networking and cloud solutions. He created and delivered training courses for major tech companies such as Google Cloud, Docker, VMware, Cisco, Oracle and Sun Microsystems. He now spends his time trading options and sharing his knowledge with others. Visit Tim’s site at The Options Hive, where you’ll find free education, tools and resources to learn more about stock options trading.

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