Kasper Linde Krogager

  http://demant.com Experienced speaker, intrapreneur, entrepreneur, and philosopher. Currently leader of innovation and new business ventures for leading health tech company.


5 Stories by Kasper Linde Krogager

How to start building customer centric business models with the philosophical principle of “bedrock”

As an entrepreneur you are continuously posed with the difficult task of developing business models and go-to-market strategies. For many entrepreneurs this is a...
2 min read 374

How “Imposter Syndrome” is killing your innovation and how to fight it

As persons, professionals, and organisations we fear impostor syndrome too much. Both towards others and ourselves. We live in a world where knowing, is...
4 min read 245

Plato, tech giants, and start-ups have a secret recipe in common

If I asked you, what you think, ancient Greek philosophy and modern innovation practice have in common, you would probably answer not a lot,...
2 min read 378

Discriminate against curiosity, not age

Here is what I suggest for 2021. Let your organization recruit for curiosity. Let your organization recruit for good questions. Within innovation let your...
4 min read 310

A Roadmap to Simplicity

I used to travel a lot on business trips and see this sign in Copenhagen Airport saying: “Problems can be complicated, solutions cannot.” I...
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