Get Yourself Together: A Story of Mind Mapping

7 min read

Plasma ball with branches representing ideas connected to a central topic

What if there was a way to get yourself together, to make sense to your business/personal life and move forward with serenity. The short answer is yes there is a way and it’s called mind mapping. Here is how to use mind mapping in life. The Beauty of Life: From Complexity to Simplicity Life is complicated and the world is full of complexity. Accumulation of details always complicates things but it doesn’t have to be like this. Even the most complex ideas are made of simple elements. This complexity is just an appearance which goes away once connections between elements…...

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Julien Dimastromatteo Scientist, entrepreneur, and writer. Former research instructor at the University of Virginia, Julien developed molecular imaging agents in cardiology, pulmonology, and oncology. He also generated monoclonal antibodies as a novel cancer therapy. Julien has a strong background in molecular imaging and drug discovery. He is passionate about science, health, medicine, and technology. You can find more info about Julien on LinkedIn.