Julien Dimastromatteo

  http://www.medium.com/@DocJulien Scientist, entrepreneur, and writer. Former research instructor at the University of Virginia, Julien developed molecular imaging agents in cardiology, pulmonology, and oncology. He also generated monoclonal antibodies as a novel cancer therapy. Julien has a strong background in molecular imaging and drug discovery. He is passionate about science, health, medicine, and technology. You can find more info about Julien on LinkedIn.


2 Stories by Julien Dimastromatteo

The Difficult Job of Making Decisions

How many important decisions did you make lately? Difficult, isn’t it? Most of us would likely underestimate this number; It mainly depends on what...
3 min read 255

Get Yourself Together: A Story of Mind Mapping

What if there was a way to get yourself together, to make sense to your business/personal life and move forward with serenity. The short...
7 min read 812