Mark Persaud

  Mark Persaud is an Innovation Strategist who’s passionate about bringing lovable, user-centric products and experiences to life. As the Emerging Experiences Practice Lead at Moonshot, he enjoys strategizing, designing, and delivering experiences using next gen technologies, namely: Immersive Reality, Voice, IoT, and AI to empower users and enhance their quality of life. His efforts are driven by his ideology that value should be created for all user groups across value chains to create sustainable growth models. As an on-going student of life’s experiences, he has come to believe that it's not just the product or the experience that makes something truly enjoyable, valuable, or fulfilling, rather the two mindsets supporting each other in a harmonious and balanced duet. Rooted in this sentiment, he enjoys seeing the power of collaboration and teamwork come to fruition. My key metric: lovability – for products, for experiences, for collaboration, for life.


2 Stories by Mark Persaud

The State of Voice 2020: A Perspective from the Voice Global Conference

This year’s Voice Global Conference went virtual like many of the conferences and events this year . . . and as we all know,...
5 min read 732

Voice is Creating the New Normal

How big will voice-based interfaces become in 2020, and how will we use voice differently? This question is on the minds of behavioralists, technologists,...
3 min read 298