3 React Concepts Which Can Be Forgotten

React has evolved over the years and some concepts were replaced by better ones. 1. Using classes Every time we wanted...
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Medium Best Stories

DDI – Medium Top Stories August, 2019

10 Best Stories From DDI Medium Publication in Tech, Finance, and Entrepreneurship August, 2019 Deep Learning Techniques for Text Classification By...
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personal branding

Tech Injects Data Into Branding

Social media is abuzz with “personal branding,” but identity creation stretches far even when the internet is disconnected. People want to...
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Soft Data

Soft Data

I’ve written previously about the Noösphere and the ever-wonderful ways by which humanity is collecting, organizing and distributing information throughout the...
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Why Invest in Technology for Business Growth and Development

A whopping 85% of decision-makers in business believe they have less than two years to integrate digital initiatives before competitors overtake...
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Using The [Non] Force

Some of us may have come across, at one point or another, the ancient Chinese concept of Wu Wei, loosely translated...
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Data Structures — Array

Now, We will start talking about Array as the simplest data structure that we can deal with. Array is used to...
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healthcare logistics

U.S. Endorsed Screening for Illicit Drug Use – A Hasty Move with...

Screening for illicit drug use; endorsement of the U.S. preventive services task force: merit of staggering data security— A hasty move...
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7 Methods That Innovative Companies Use Video Editing Software

Video editing is a process that involves the manipulation and processing of raw video footage to create a structured story. It...
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AI: Future Health’s Lubricant

Skin cancer and virtual shrinks. Depression and Instagram. Where would we be without AI? Skin cancer is one of the most...
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Conversation Designing

What Indian Traffic has in Common with Conversation Designing

Indians and traffic jams have a close relationship with each other. To Indians on a busy street, traffic feels like a...
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Legal Technology

Legal Technology in the Age of Blockchain

Emerging technologies have been transforming entire industries recently. Even traditionally technophobic sectors like the legal system are being upended as well....
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