Igor Davidov

  Fascinated with all things crypto-related since finding out about it mid 2017. Was entering my second year of law school at the time of discovering crypto. My passion only grew during that time and now, post-graduation, I am transitioning to working full time in the space.


4 Stories by Igor Davidov

The Crypto Betting Industry (Prediction Markets): An Overview

What Are Prediction Markets A prediction market is a collection of people speculating on the occurrence of events in the future. Some of these...
5 min read

A Comparison of Gold ETFs and Gold-Backed Cryptocurrencies

What is a Gold ETF? A gold exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a commodity ETF that consists of only one principal asset: gold. ETFs are...
4 min read 524

Can Blockchain Save the Music Industry?

The music industry is constantly changing. From records to cassettes to CDs to streaming, how people consume music is ever-evolving. One constant though is...
4 min read

A New Era of Lending: Blockchain Based Loans

Current Issue Without a history of credit, it is nearly impossible to receive a loan from traditional financial institutions. Banks typically heavily weigh someone’s...
4 min read 676