Can Blockchain Save the Music Industry?

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music industry

The music industry is constantly changing. From records to cassettes to CDs to streaming, how people consume music is ever-evolving. One constant though is the struggle artists face to be compensated fairly for their music. Whether it is delayed royalty payments or low streaming payments, artists are always at some sort of disadvantage. This post explores how companies are harnessing blockchain technology to bring a new level of fairness to the music industry and for artists everywhere. The Current Landscape The Internet brought an entirely new way to experience and find music. The creation of iTunes and Napster, among other…...

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Igor Davidov Fascinated with all things crypto-related since finding out about it mid 2017. Was entering my second year of law school at the time of discovering crypto. My passion only grew during that time and now, post-graduation, I am transitioning to working full time in the space.