5G is Coming (Really): The Slow Rollout of a Speedier Network

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To date the promise of 5G — shorthand for the fifth generation of wireless networks — has exceeded the reality. That, however, is changing, with news that all the telecom giants are in the process of rolling out 5G technology (or soon will be), with the expectation of a substantial breakthrough in 2020. The full potential of the technology will be explored in subsequent years, but the predictions are that it will represent a quantum leap beyond that which is in place at present. One report went so far as to state that 5G will deliver data at a speed…...

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Marc Weisberg Marc Weisberg is a Managing Principal of Soho Investment Partners, based in New York City. Weisberg, who previously spent a significant amount of time in the telecom, media and technology (TMT) industries, is now focused on a more diversified approach which includes investments in cyber security, oil and gas, app development and distilled spirits. Throughout his career, Marc Weisberg has always followed three guiding principles: respect for those individuals who have helped support and educate him, passion for learning new industries which enable him to pursue a diverse investment portfolio, and an enduring appreciation for experiences gained through every interaction. One of his personal mottos is to trust your gut … always.