Latest Insights on 5G Technology


The Convergence of Mobile and Mobility

Phones weren’t always smart. Once that changed, they became permanent fixtures in our day to day lives. Inspired by these course...
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The Clusit, Security Community, has published a report on the "state of the art" of the IoT phenomenon

Internet of Things and Clusit Report (part I)

The Clusit, Security Community, has published a report on the “state of the art” of the IoT phenomenon, Internet of Things,...
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A Wrong Way About Huawei

In a recent article, the WSJ details how Huawei was propelled by Beijing’s billions. In the online version, the WSJ editors...
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Life in Year 2030

Past American President Barack Obama once said: “While the future is unknowable, the winds always blow in the direction of human...
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Technology Trends of 2020 – Algorithms in the cloud, food from p...

I have a growing sense – which I think I share with many readers – that people are getting used to...
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5G is Coming (Really): The Slow Rollout of a Speedier Network

To date the promise of 5G — shorthand for the fifth generation of wireless networks — has exceeded the reality. That,...
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Artificial Intelligence Vs Intelligent 5G: Will They Work Together?

We are at the edge of something truly transformational and completely driven by two much-publicized now critical development super examples: artificial...
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BeiDou Satellites

BeiDou Satellites + 5G internet = China 4.0

It is public knowledge that the United States and China have been having an increasingly worse trade war; however, in the...
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