Will AI fall in Love?

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Artificial Intelligence

Perhaps the most reliable way to understand how we and our mind work is Artificial Intelligence. It allows us to test our theories by building computer programs to process information in very much the same way as our brains do. Consciousness is probably the only world a child knows when it is born – the world of seeing, hearing voices, touching, crying, laughing and all the related feelings. It is fundamentally mysterious that science cannot explain consciousness right now, it does not explain the transition from the mechanics of the brain to the genesis of feelings. Consciousness is simply “experience”,…...

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Raji Krishnamoorthy Raji Krishnamoorthy is a Solution architect on Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud platforms. She carries close to 16 years of experience in Information Technology, currently leading the Public Cloud Industry Transformation Group with Tata Consultancy Services. She loves to explore new technologies and share them with others through her writings. Listens to music, watching movies and traveling during her leisure.