Market, Economy, and Cycles, Part 2

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Economic System

In the previous article, we gave an overview of the emergence of crisis. Next, we will further illustrate how cycles should be dealt with in light of Ray Dalio’s analysis of the economic system, thereby evaluating the value of BTC from a more holistic perspective. Ray Dalio’s Analysis of the Economic System In “How the Economic Machine Works”, Ray Dalio simply but profoundly analyzed the operation of the economy from the perspective of Keynesianism. His analysis is actually an observation of the U.S. national conditions – that is, the Federal Reserve, in essence, regulates the liquidity of the entire economy…...

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Finn Zhang Finn Zhang holds a Master degree in Physics (Ph.d ABD). He has done research on particle physics, statistical physics, mathematical physics, and computational physics. He has worked on the modeling of physics and social science problems using mathematics and statistics for many years in the industry. Further, he has applied a nonlinear dynamics method and made progress in marketing analysis and price prediction. Currently, his main interests are in heterodox financial model building and data-driven financial modeling.