Healthcare needs Physician Independence

The single fundamental factor that unravels the medical profession from the tread is its deep root in intimate human life. It...
blank Adam Tabriz, MD
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basic income

Living on Unconditional Basic Income: How would UBI change lives at all wealth levels?

If you are reading this article, you are curious about universal/unconditional basic income (UBI) or you already know lots about it...
Sylvain Rochon
7 min read 286

Pacific Gas & Electronic: A silent Partner in the Unsustainable Golden State Economy of California

The state of California, with the 39.56 million in Population and Area of 163,696 square miles, has a net worth over...
blank Adam Tabriz, MD
9 min read
Economic System

Market, Economy, and Cycles, Part 2

In the previous article, we gave an overview of the emergence of crisis. Next, we will further illustrate how cycles should...
blank Finn Zhang
8 min read 361

Socialism will Only Make Income Inequality Worse

A few weeks ago, the New York Times ran an article regarding the implementation of a “Wealth Tax.” Both Sanders and...
blank Tom Campenni
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global poverty

The God of Small Things

Using RCTs, Evidence-Based Action and Economic Plumbing to Understand How Charitable Organizations and Research Groups can Help Solve Global Poverty The...
blank Aditya Balakrishnan
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Data Science

Secret of Capitalism’s Success, from Data Science’s Perspective

Data scientists perceive the world as data-processing systems, and this view is being increasingly adopted in economics and politics: after all,...
Sukhayl Niyazov
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Not All Protection is Bad

One thing that we overlook in the dialogue around the trade war narrative that has become a partisan issue is that...
blank John Edgar Mihelic
3 min read
Fossil Fuel

Fossil Fuel Subsidies: Environmentally Dangerous & Economically Counterproductive!

The recent wildfires in the Amazon are not only a burning injustice with long-term socio-economic and ecological implications, it marks a...
Henri Kouam Tamto
7 min read 261

Fed Monetary Policy Consider Financial Stability Risk More Broadly, Not Embolden the Trade War!

The Federal Reserve effectiveness is unjustifiably tested by President Trump, who blames data-dependent monetary policy for a stronger dollar rather than...
Henri Kouam Tamto
5 min read 105

We Take Economic Decisions Like It was 1919 and It must Stop!

Today, we live in a world of abundance, and people are dying for no good reason. No. I’m not being dramatic....
Sylvain Rochon
4 min read 453

We Need to Stop Confusing Social Programs with Socialism

The United States has always had a problem with accepting a true capitalistic, market-driven economy. Americans love to sing the praises...
blank Tom Campenni
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