7 Use Cases for Blockchain-based Crowdfunding

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Startups from around the world have found crowdfunding to be an extremely viable alternative to traditional venture capital. To date, crowdfunding initiatives have raised $34 billion, which roughly added $65 billion to the global economy. There is a whole set of rules that a project needs to follow to get considered for VC funding. Plus, non-traditional and non-conventional projects often don’t get considered for VC funding. However, the crowdfunding space has a lot of issues. Despite being a multi-billion dollar industry, specific issues have come to the surface, which shows that it is far from perfect. Many have looked at…...

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Vasilios Filip Nomadic Developer who is always on the move and to be found in major tech hubs around the world. In his free time, Vasilios writes about Blockchain Projects and is a keen fan of Enterprise DLT and decentralized crowdfunding.