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Raising A Startup Round At A Lower Valuation Than You Wanted?

Most startups will face the prospect of a lower valuation than they wanted at some point. Which is why raising too much, too early, at too high a valuation, can really backfire on an...
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Robotics In Life Science — A Hidden Gem For Startups (Part 1 of 2)

Tau Ventures focuses on AI investments in healthcare and enterprise, but we are also fascinated by automation and very occasionally invest in that space. Case in point Elemental Machines which provides Lab as a...
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Why We Invested in Salú – Health At Work

Excited to announce our investment alongside Softbank (Upload Ventures), Aggir and Norte in the now oversubscribed $2M seed of Salú, which is helping provide occupational health insurance in Brazil. They are also focusing on...
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Multitasking: Best Practices To Leave And Found A New Startup?

The short answer is most definitely yes. While every situation is unique, the three cases below provide a framework around the best practices of multitasking with the goal of building a startup. Case 1: you...
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Correction Is Here? What To Expect On Startup Valuations And Round Dynamics Moving...

The two years between Jan 1, 2020 to Jan 1, 2022 have been especially bullish for startup fundraising – (i) more money, (ii) at higher valuations, (iii) coming more easily. At Tau Ventures we...
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Under The Hood: How VC Funds Operate (And How That Is Changing)

This is an article meant primarily for entrepreneurs and LPs (limited partners i.e., those investing in a VC fund), albeit we think it’s useful for VCs too. Managing Partners are typically the ones managing...
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Perfecting Your Pitch Deck? 10 Practices For Entrepreneurs

Pitch decks are a topic of permanent debate, no matter how much has been written about them. As such, this article will focus on 10 guidelines we advocate for entrepreneurs. Hopefully they can be...
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Go To Market – 3 Ways Startups Can Hack It

At Tau we get 2,000+ decks per person per year. Many talk very well about the vision but often don’t talk enough about how they will get there. In fact, the number one gap...
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Convertible vs SAFE — 5 Practical Principles For Startups

Raising a round and considering whether to do convertible or SAFE? Remember that convertible is debt that turns into equity based on certain parameters and SAFE is a specific type of convertible. This is...
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Your Startup Is A Taking Off? 5 Ways To Incentivize New Employees

You have built the boat (or the rocket, or the plane, pick your favorite vehicle) and now it’s time to grow. How do you bring abroad new sailors to set course amidst uncharted waters?...
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No place at the table without this one table

An introduction to cap tables “Our potential investors asked as to present the cap table. What is he/she looking for?” I’ve been asked this question occasionally in sessions with startups looking for funding. A cap table...
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Why We Invested In Alaffia Health — Reducing Fraud, Waste and Abuse in Healthcare...

Excited to announce our investment alongside Arthemis in the $5M seed of Alaffia Health which uses machine learning to identify and eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse (FW&A) in healthcare claims. Tau Ventures is an...
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Brave New Seed? How Fundraising Has Changed For Startups Since COVID

We are coming up to two years since COVID truly hit the US. The first three months after Mar 2020 markets were down, as was startup activity. But after Q2 2020 we have seen...
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Why We Invested In Nilo Saúde – Connecting With Your Patients

  Excited to announce our investment alongside Global Founders Capital, Softbank, Maya Capital, Canary, 10K Ventures and Grão in the oversubscribed $10M series A of Nilo Saúde which is building an integrated relationship management and...
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Digital Therapeutics (DTx) And Startups — Where We Are And Where We Are Going?

Medicine today looks drastically different than it did fifty, even ten years ago. Digital health, biotechnology, continuous sensors, the list goes on. One arena that’s been particularly revolutionized is the management of complex and...
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Cancer And Startups – 7 Principles For The Next 10 Years

RockHealth supports digital health startups and their latest quarterly update suggests the VC dollars in the sector doubled and then doubled again. In other words, 2020 was a huge increase and doubled 2019 and...
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Why We Invested In Sound Health – Personalized Allergy Relief

Excited to announce our investment in the $2M seed alongside TechU Ventures and Rhythm Ventures into Sound Health, which uses acoustic resonance to provide nasal relief. Tau Ventures is an AI-first fund in Silicon...
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Is There A Bubble? And 3 Practical Tips For Entrepreneur For 2022

If you are asking the question then you probably already believe in the answer. Pitchbook is a company focused on analysis and research in VC, PE and M&A and per their data till the end...
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Why We Invested In Marigold Health — Substance Abuse / Mental Health Platform

Excited to announce our investment alongside KdT, Epsilon, Flare and Felicis in the $3.5M seed extension of Marigold Health. They use AI-augmented chat support groups to reach and retain patients with behavioral health needs...
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Common? Preferred? Founder? Making Sense Of Startup Shares

1) Preferred vs Common Historically there have been two types of stock: preferred and common. Preferred is for investors, common for everyone else including founders. When a company has an exit, preferred gets paid...