50 States Of Grey: 3 Key Questions For Healthcare Startups As They Navigate The United States (which is not so united in terms of policy)

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At Tau Ventures we hear from many entrepreneurs around the world that they want to build or expand a healthcare business into the US because it’s a large single market. While the US does hold many advantages for a startup to grow, it’s hardly a monolith and if anything, it’s a fairly decentralized country. Federalism – dividing powers between a central and regional governments – doesn’t appear in the US Constitution, but its concept is baked into the document and it was officially enshrined shortly after the US independence. What that means in practice today is the individual 50 states…...

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Amit Garg I have been in Silicon Valley for 20 years -- at Samsung NEXT Ventures, running my own startup (as of May 2019 a series D that has raised $120M and valued at $450M), at Norwest Ventures, and doing product and analytics at Google. My academic training is BS in computer science and MS in biomedical informatics, both from Stanford, and MBA from Harvard. I speak natively 3 languages, live carbon-neutral, am a 70.3 Ironman finisher, and have built a hospital in rural India serving 100,000 people.