The God of Small Things

8 min read

global poverty

Using RCTs, Evidence-Based Action and Economic Plumbing to Understand How Charitable Organizations and Research Groups can Help Solve Global Poverty The Devil in The Details It’s been a long time since we’ve bandied around the devastating statistics that indicate the nature of global poverty today. Billions in destitution, countless others barely surviving, and most importantly, a hopelessness and mental trauma that makes the problem generational, and thus never-ending. Let’s throw in some more numbers. Around 8.5% of the global population live on less than $1.90 a day, comprising almost 800 million people. There’s no doubt that there has been a…...

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Aditya Balakrishnan I am a content writer, debater and intellectual vagrant - rational optimist one day, Nietzsche fanatic the next. My core areas of research and focus include justice, altruism, social choice theory, deontology, yield curves and the capability approach. I am incredibly interested in political philosophy, economic policy, postmodernist literature and culture.